{{Hobby}}, {{Company}} and Reply.io
Hi, {{FirstName}}.

Recently I’ve been viewing your social media profile and I noticed that you are a {{Hobby}} fan.

Just like {{Hobby}} [Something Cool about Hobby], {{Your_Company}} also can [Hook Hobby to Your Value Proposition].

[Pain Points] are the biggest challenges for {{Department}} teams according to research by [Research Source] - {{Your_Company}} helps with all three.

Worth a chat sometime next week?
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Why it works

This email template is highly effective in its business goal due to its personalized approach and research-backed strategy. By taking the time to view the recipient's social media profile and identifying their interest in a particular hobby, you immediately establish a personal connection and grab their attention. This personalization demonstrates that you have done your research and adds a human touch to your outreach. Furthermore, by drawing a parallel between their hobby and your value proposition, you showcase the relevance and applicability of your product to their interests. Additionally, mentioning the research on similar teams' pain points adds credibility and demonstrates that your product can address their specific challenges. The combination of personalization, relevance, and credibility makes this email template highly compelling and increases the likelihood of capturing the recipient's interest and initiating a conversation.

When to use it

This email template is suitable when reaching out to prospects in a targeted manner, specifically when you have access to information about their interests or hobbies. It works well for outbound sales efforts where personalization can make a massive difference. Use it to establish a unique connection, showcase the relevance of your product, and initiate a conversation based on shared interests.

Who can use it

This template can be utilized by sales professionals, account executives, or business development representatives who are conducting outbound sales outreach. It is particularly effective for industries or products that can be associated with specific hobbies or interests. This template allows you to stand out from competitors, demonstrate research, and engage prospects in a more personalized and relatable manner.

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