{{FirstName}}, {{Your_Company}} & [Event Name]]
Hi {{FirstName}} - I'm {{Your_Name}} from {{Your_Company}}, {{Company_Description}}.

The reason for my outreach is that I've been viewing your LinkedIn profile and noticed you are an {{Job_Title}} at {{Company}}.

At {{Your_Company}}, we are organizing a single-day online event - [Event Name]. Given your experience, we wanted to invite you as a speaker, so hundreds of {{Department}} would learn more about [Topic].

Would you be open for a 10-min chat this week to discuss details?

Link to this year's event - [Event Link]
I'm happy to share more info on format, topics, agenda, etc.

Use Template

Why it works

This template is effective because of the personalized approach that makes it look like the invitation is specifically tailored to the recipient. It shows that the sender has done their research and specifically targeted the person based on their professional background. The template highlights the recipient's professional role and experience, positioning them as a valuable speaker for the event. By emphasizing that their insights will benefit hundreds of attendees, it presents a compelling value proposition that aligns with the recipient's expertise. It further increases the likelihood of a response by providing an event link so the recipient can learn more about the event. Overall, the template effectively combines personalization, relevance, a strong value proposition, and a clear call-to-action to engage potential speakers and increase the likelihood of their participation in the event.

When to use it

Use this template to invite potential speakers to participate in an online event organized by your company. It works well for individuals who have relevant experience and can add value to the event by sharing their knowledge and perspectives. It can be used for conferences, webinars, panel discussions, or any other event where speakers play a crucial role in delivering valuable content to attendees.

Who can use it

This template can be used by event organizers, conference planners, or anyone responsible for inviting experts from various industries and roles who possess relevant experience and knowledge to participate as a speaker in an online event. It is suitable for individuals or companies hosting events such as webinars, conferences, panel discussions, or workshops.

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