{{Company}} <> [Your_Company]
Hi {{FirstName}}.

I saw on your LinkedIn page that you joined {{Company}} a few weeks ago. I'm guessing you are already thinking about a tech stack for your sales team.

Given your role and since [Company1], [Company2] & other fast-growing companies in the [Industry] space all use [Your Company] for [Problem You Solve], I thought you might be interested in improving your {{Department}} team effectiveness.

Worth a conversation?
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Why it works

It leverages the recipient's recent career move and aligns your solution with industry leaders, making it relevant and timely. The direct, personalized approach increases the chance of engaging in a meaningful conversation about improving departmental effectiveness.

When to use it

Ideal for reaching out to recent hires in decision-making positions within companies, especially those who are likely evaluating or considering new tools and solutions for their teams.

Who can use it

This template can be effectively utilized by sales and marketing professionals targeting decision-makers in specific departments of a company. It's particularly useful for those offering B2B solutions that enhance team productivity or efficiency.

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