{{FirstName}} <> [Your Company] & LinkedIn poll
Ні {{FirstName}}.

I appreciate the response to my poll on [Poll Topic]. Noticed you voted for [Poll Option] - is this something you are trying to improve?

I'm asking because we at [Your Company] help [What You Solve], and thought you might be interested in improving your [Department] team's effectiveness as well.

Best Regards.
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Why it works

This template directly engages the recipient by acknowledging their specific choice in a poll, creating a personal connection. It then seamlessly transitions into how the sender's company can address the needs or interests implied by that choice, fostering a sense of relevance and potential benefit without being overly salesy.

When to use it

Use this template after conducting a poll where respondents' choices indicate specific interests or needs that your company can meet. It's most effective when you have insights into individual responses that allow for personalized follow-up, aiming to convert interest into engagement or sales.

Who can use it

This template can be utilized by businesses of any size that conduct polls or surveys to understand their audience better. It's particularly beneficial for sales and marketing teams looking to deepen engagement with potential leads by offering solutions tailored to their expressed interests.

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