Facelift for an old blog post
Hi {{FirstName}},

{{Your_Name}} here. I'm the {{Your_Title}} of {{Your_Company}}.

I found this article about {{Topic}} on your blog. It dates back to {{Year}} and it's quite outdated. But it has a lot of potential!

We'd love to update it and expand it for free, in exchange for a do-follow link to our website.

Would you be interested? Please let me know!

By the way, here's some of my team's latest writing:
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Why it works

This email template is effective because it offers value to both parties involved. By updating and expanding the recipient's outdated blog post, you provide them with refreshed and relevant content that can attract more readers and enhance their website's SEO. This adds value to their online presence and helps them maintain a competitive edge. In return, you request a do-follow link to your website, which serves as a win-win situation. The recipient benefits from improved content, while you gain a valuable backlink that can enhance your own website's SEO and drive more traffic to your site. This arrangement promotes mutual growth and collaboration. Additionally, by sharing examples of your team's latest writing, you establish your expertise and demonstrate the high-quality work you deliver. This gives the recipient confidence in your capabilities and increases the likelihood of them considering your offer.

When to use it

Use this template when you come across outdated blog posts on websites that have potential but need updating. It can be particularly useful for SEO professionals, content marketers, or individuals and companies offering content services. This template allows you to offer your expertise and services to improve the recipient's content while gaining a valuable backlink for your website.

Who can use it

This template is suitable for SEO agencies, content marketing agencies, freelance writers, in-house content marketing specialists, or anyone offering content-related services. It can be utilized by professionals looking to improve their own SEO by securing quality backlinks, or those seeking to establish valuable partnerships with website owners by offering help with content updates.

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