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Hi {{FirstName}},

Are you interested in learning how you can preview and customize the emails on a contact level within a campaign before the next step goes out? It's a great way to improve your positive response rate.

If so, I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to show you how. In addition, we can review a pricing plan which works for you and schedule a demo of Reply if needed.


All the best,
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Why it works

This template is effective because it provides a low-commitment opportunity for interested prospects to engage with your product. By offering a call to demonstrate the value and customization capabilities, you showcase your expertise and address a common pain point that your product is fit to solve. The mention of reviewing pricing plans proactively moves the prospect closer to making a purchase decision. The casual and friendly tone creates a positive impression, making the recipient more inclined to accept the offer and hear you out. By presenting the benefits and discussing pricing options, you demonstrate your commitment to finding the best solution for their specific needs rather than just making a sale. Overall, this template works by engaging interested leads, addressing their pain points, and proactively moving them toward becoming paying customers by bringing up your pricing plans.

When to use it

Use this template when you want to engage prospects who are potentially interested in your product and would find it beneficial to their business. This email offers a call to demonstrate the process, discuss pricing plans, and schedule a product demo if necessary. It's ideal for prospects who have expressed interest in solutions such as yours and are now considering options.

Who can use it

Sales teams, marketing professionals, and customer success managers can utilize this template. It is suitable for any professional who engages with potential customers and conducts product walkthroughs or demos. Whether you're in software, SaaS, or any other industry where personalized outreach is crucial, this template allows you to engage with prospects and showcase the value of your product while discussing pricing options tailored to their requirements.

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