{{Company}} x [Your Company] & {{now_quarter}} reconnect?
Hi {{FirstName}},

I hope the close of {{quarter_from_now -1}} brought great achievements for you and the {{Department}} team at {{Company}}.

Recently, I came across your interest in exploring our solutions. As we step into {{now_quarter}}, it's the perfect time to revisit how [Your Company] can align with your {{Department}}'s objectives for {{now_year}}.

Are you open to a brief discussion this week to explore possibilities?
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Why it works

This template creates a personalized touch by addressing the recipient by their first name and mentioning their specific department and company. It acknowledges past achievements and aligns the offering with the current quarter's goals, making it timely and relevant. This approach increases the likelihood of engagement.

When to use it

Use this template at the beginning of a new quarter to follow up with potential clients who have previously shown interest in your solutions. It's best when you aim to connect your offerings with the strategic objectives of the client's department for the ongoing year.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales professionals and business development managers who aim to establish or deepen relationships with potential clients by offering solutions that support their department's goals.

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