Story for your article about {{RelevantTopic}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

I saw you're writing an article about {{Topic}}.

I have a good story for you. I actually {{RelevantStorySummary}}.

My gamble paid off. I {{ResultsOfStory}}.

I’m happy to provide a few insights with your audience about how to decide {{RelevantTopicQuestion}}.

Does that sound interesting? I can provide more details to flesh out the story if you'd like.

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Why it works

This email template is effective because it demonstrates a genuine interest in the recipient's work by acknowledging their article. By offering a relevant story or expertise related to the article topic, you provide valuable content that can enhance their piece and engage their audience. Sharing a successful outcome from the story adds credibility and piques curiosity. The invitation to provide insights to their audience on decision-making related to the topic positions you as a knowledgeable source and offers added value to their readers. The email maintains a concise and friendly tone, respecting the recipient's time while conveying enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate. By offering to provide more details if they are interested in fleshing out the story, you demonstrate flexibility and a readiness to support their content creation process.

When to use it

Utilize this email template with recipients who are writing articles on a specific topic relevant to your expertise. It is ideal for reaching out to journalists, bloggers, or content creators who are seeking additional insights or stories to enhance their content. This template works best when you have a compelling story or expertise that provides valuable information or unique perspectives to their audience. Use it to establish collaborative relationships, offer value-added content, and expand your reach to their readership.

Who can use it

This template can be used by individuals or teams involved in PR, outreach, or link-building activities within a specific industry or niche. It is suitable for professionals in the fields of marketing, communication, or subject matter experts representing companies, startups, or organizations. Whether you have personal experiences, case studies, or industry insights, this template can be tailored to share relevant stories or expertise with journalists, bloggers, or content creators who are actively writing on topics aligned with your expertise.

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