{{Hobby}}, {{Company}} and Reply.io
Hey {{FirstName}},
How's your day doing?

I’ve tried to reach out to you a few days ago concerning the possibility of using {{Your_Company}} at {{Company}} to [Your brief value proposition].

{{FirstName}} -- might you be willing to connect for a quick chat to talk about how we can get your {{Department}} team onto {{Hobby}}'s level?
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Why it works

This email template is effective because it combines personalization, curiosity, and a clear call to action while keeping the message concise and easy to digest. By referencing the prospect's hobby, it shows that you have done your research and establishes a relatable connection that they will appreciate. This personalized touch captures the recipient's attention and creates a positive impression that increases the odds of a positive response. The brief and friendly tone of the email maintains a relaxed atmosphere, making it more approachable and inviting. The suggestion of a quick chat further emphasizes your interest in their success and allows for a more direct and engaging conversation. This template aims to spark curiosity and initiate a dialogue, ultimately leading to a deeper exploration of how your solution can benefit their business.

When to use it

This email template is ideal for following up on initial outbound sales emails where the recipient's hobby was mentioned. It serves as a reminder and opportunity to reconnect with the prospect, highlighting the potential benefits of using your company, paired with their hobby interest. It is suitable to use when seeking to engage in a quick conversation to explore the alignment between your solution and the prospect's business goals.

Who can use it

Sales professionals and representatives who are reaching out to prospects in various industries can effectively use this email template. This template can be utilized by professionals in sales, business development, or account management roles to initiate conversations and explore potential business opportunities with prospects whose hobbies align with the value proposition of your company.

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