They say a poor craftsman blames his tools, but when it comes to sales the right software can have a huge impact on your results. There’s a wide range of sales tools out there, including our very own sales automation solution.

But what if you’re just starting out, or have a limited budget to deal with? Does that mean you have to do everything manually?

No need to worry. We’ve searched high and low and found some of the best tools to help you get started. Many of these have a paid option, with more features and fewer limits, but all of these have a viable free version with the potential to transform your sales.

Table of Contents:

Lead Generation

You can’t sell without leads so generating those leads is a priority, especially for early-stage sales. While you could always use advanced Google search operators to try and find your next lead, these tools will make the whole process a lot more productive.

ProProfs Chat

Great for communicating with prospective customers in real-time.

ProProfs Chat can help you connect and communicate with your qualified leads in real-time. Your operators can either initiate conversations or take up incoming chats that enable them to understand visitor intent better and offer solutions that boost the chances of sales acquisition.

You can also monitor visitors and initiate a chat in strategic moments that encourages them to engage with your brand further. And even create Announcements with the live chat software to increase upsell opportunities for your business.

The live chat tool comes with a forever free plan that enables startups to kickstart the customer support process.


Great for finding new B2B leads

GetProspect helps you go beyond the company to find the specific people you should be contacting. Just select your search criteria, such as industry, the country they’re based in and the position at the company. They’ll return a list of contacts with names, corporate email addresses, positions and more (including their LinkedIn profile URL).

Their free plan will let you find 50 emails a month and includes unlimited team Users, CSV and exports/imports.


Great for discovering new companies in your target market.

Owler claims to be ‘the world’s largest community-based competitive insights platform.’ At its core, Owler offers two key benefits. First of all, you have the ability to filter their database to find your ideal customers. Then, you can follow those companies and receive updates whenever anything interesting happens, ensuring you stay informed.

Our sales team says: “Great for sales intelligence.”


Great for finding new B2B leads

GetProspect helps you go beyond the company to find the specific people you should be contacting. Just select your search criteria, such as industry, the country they’re based in and the position at the company. They’ll return a list of contacts with names, corporate email addresses, positions and more (including their LinkedIn profile URL).

Their free plan will let you find 50 emails a month and includes unlimited team Users, CSV and exports/imports.


Great for finding leads on LinkedIn

If you find you’re spending hours on LinkedIn, Dux-Soup may be the tool you need. It makes it easy to find and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup can automatically view up to 100 of your LinkedIn prospect profiles a day on their free plan, getting you in front of them and priming them for when you reach out. It also allows you to add notes and tags to profiles for your reference.


Great for DIY Sales Prospecting and Marketing Tools

ReachStream is a DIY platform that lets you target specific B2B industries and professionals. With 75m+ company details, their data goes through a triple verification process to ensure accuracy. Their tools include sales prospecting, data unification and marketing automation, which are all offered at very modest prices.

Their free plan gives you access to 20 contacts, and includes unrestricted access, insights on competitors and chat support.

Email Finders

Once you found the companies and prospects you want, you still need a way to get in touch with them. Depending on the lead, the best way is likely via email. However, it’s getting harder to find direct emails, with most companies only displaying generic info@ addresses. Use these tools to get your message in front of the right person.


Great for quickly finding leads at a known company

Leadsfinder is our very own lead generation tool, using our name2email database (more on that later). It’s simple: type in the company domain and LeadsFinder will instantly show you all the emails they have for that company. The speed and simplicity make this an ideal place to start your search.

Name2Email (free)

Great for finding an email from just a name and company.

With over 22,500 users, this handy extension from the team at Reply generates potential email addresses for any name you enter, then makes it easy to see which one is a viable address.

As an added benefit, there’s no limit to the number of times you can use it.

Our sales team says: “It’s a must-have. I’ve used it for several years. It’s the best tool and, what is the most surprising, there are no alternatives out there, even paid ones. With this one tool, you can find valid emails with a 70-80% chance of success.”


Great for hard-to-find emails.

Hunter has over 200 million emails addresses, with powerful search filters and a handy scoring system. Simply search by company domain and Hunter will return a list of all the people working in a company with their name and email address found on the web.

One handy feature that stands out is their email finder tool, which will use identified patterns to make the best guess at a specific email address, even if it’s not been published on the web.

Our sales team says: “Hunter offers 100 free email searches monthly. These searches can be done directly on the website or via API-key within a spreadsheet.”

Datanyze Insider

Great for researching prospects

Datanyze offers a free extension that will help you learn more about your prospects. When you’re on a prospect’s website, click the Insider icon to instantly discover useful high-level information about the website and the company that behind it.

It’ll also reveal helpful data points like employees, revenue and current technology providers. You can then visit the company’s social pages to browse further.

Our sales team says: “A great source of a bit of additional information on the prospect’s company before a sales call/demo.”

Email Verification

Next step, making sure the email addresses you have are correct. At best, incorrect email addresses are a waste of your time. At worst, a high bounce rate can hurt your future delivery rate.

They can also result in any service you use for email having their IPs on a blacklist, potentially affecting others who use the service. If you’re using Reply, for example, we ask users to make sure their bounce rate doesn’t exceed 25%.

To make sure your bounce rate is low, use one of the following tools to verify the email addresses you have are correct.


Great for identifying honeypots and disposable emails.

Verifalia’s email verification service identifies all invalid emails for you. They alert you to risky email types, such as those used as spam traps or disposable email addresses. They also let you know if the server is a catch-all server.

Verifalia offers a free plan which gives you up to 25 free validations per day. This also includes access to their API, and it’s simple to pay for more validations if you need them.


Great for quick verification.

QuickEmailVerification give a 95% deliverability guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about your bounce rate ever again. This online system verifies your email addresses against a number of different validations, including a whole bunch that I don’t even begin to understand. The important thing is it works.

You can also easily do bulk email verification by uploading a CSV file with the list of email addresses, or you can integrate the API into your app or website to carry out checks in real-time.

They also let you verify up to 100 email addresses per day for free, with monthly plans or pay as you go options if you need more.


Great for powerful automated features.

Emailable position themselves as the email verification software tailored specifically for online marketing. While their free account offers less than the other options on this list (250 a month), they offer some other features that might make it worthwhile.

To start, they offer form validation, so you can be certain the emails your potential prospects submit are legit. They also include a bunch of cool automated features, such as list re-verification every 30 days, checking for spelling mistakes and automatic synchronization with your marketing tools.

Visitor Tracking

What do your prospects do when they end up on your site? Knowing this can make a huge difference to the number of sales you close through your site. See what they’re up to, see what works and what doesn’t, and reach out with the right offer at the right time.


Great for seeing how visitors interact with your website.

LeadBI lets you track your site visitors and see the journey they take from the moment they land on your site. They’ll identify the companies who’re visiting, as well as help with tools for setting up pop-ups and email campaigns.

It works by assigning a score to each user for every online interaction they have, allowing you to see which leads are showing the most interest in your service.

Their free plan allows you to use it with 3 users across 5 sites, with monitoring for up to 50 contacts.


Great for tracking unlimited visitors.

While lacking many of the features of LeadBI, Albacross offers a simpler solution, along with unlimited tracking for visitors and customers. You also have unlimited users, making it ideal for teams.

The free service includes automated email reports, along with revenue & employee information for your visitors. However, if you want the contact details for the decision makers and to export your leads, you’ll have to upgrade to premium.

Contacts Enrichment

A contact is so much more than just a contact. If you want to know more than just a name, these apps will make sure you have all the information you need to personalize your sale.

Clearbit Connect

Great for finding additional information on your leads.

Clearbit can be used as a simple email finder, searching by company domain to find known email addresses. However, you can also learn much more about your leads, with additional company details and social media information.

However, their free community plan requires you to share your business contacts, as well as granting read-only access to your emails, which is a deal-breaker for many.

Great for tracking relationships and getting introductions.

It’s not what you know but who you know, or so the saying goes. Nudge aims to help you, moving beyond LinkedIn connections to make sure you’re talking to the right person.

They track relationship strength so you know who to ask for an introduction, while also keeping track of news and social feeds to find the latest updates on your favorite contacts and companies, delivering daily summaries and leading to more opportunities to get in touch.


When you only have one or two customers, it’s easy to think you don’t need a CRM, that you can keep on top of everything you need to know. As you start making more sales though, it quickly becomes apparent that you need help. While CRM software can be expensive, there’s plenty of free versions to help you out.

Streak CRM for Gmail

Great for a CRM in your email.

By integrating with your Gmail, Streak automatically captures the data from your contacts and emails. It’ll then keep you notified on your prospect’s progress through your sales pipeline, complete with follow-up with tasks and reminders.

If you’re looking for a simple CRM solution with email functionality, look no further.

Our sales team says: “A good alternative to Hubspot CRM, plus connects to Gmail.”

Capsule CRM

Great for a simple, intuitive CRM.

Capsule’s creators designed the app with usability in mind. Rather than having to look up tutorials and spend hours working out how to do things, Capsule’s straightforward to set up and use.

That simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of useful features. You can still easily track proposals and create reports to gain insight into the health of your sales pipeline.

Agile CRM

Great for tracking everything you could want.

Agile was given the Leader award for summer 2018 on the G2Crowd review platform, and it’s easy to see why. Their free plan allows up to 10 users access to some powerful features, including lead scoring, unlimited deals, tasks & documents, appointment scheduling, form building and so much more, for up to 1,000 companies and contacts.

With this many features, your biggest challenge will be knowing where to start.

Cold Calling

We’re big fans of cold email (it’s what we built our business on after all). But sometimes, the best (or the only) way to get in touch with your prospects is to get on the phone. When that’s the case, use this tool to make it as simple as possible.

Hangout Dialer

Great for calling US and Canadian numbers.

For a free option, you can’t do much better than Google’s Hangout Dialer.
What really makes it stand out is the ability to make free VOIP calls to landlines in the US and Canada, meaning the only thing that sales call is going to cost you is your time.

Sales Script Generator by

Great for building your custom script for better lead qualification. provides a free and 100% customized tool for cold calling. Unlike a traditional script where you can talk like a robot, you can create with a few drag and drops your own structure for your exchange with the prospect without forgetting the right questions to ask. At the end of your call, export all answers in 1 click to any CRM or Excel. Better discovery calls, more conversions and no time wasted!

Sales Triggers and Intelligence

If you want to be seen as a reliable authority, it’s important to stay informed; you don’t want to be learning what’s going on from your prospect while you’re on a call with them. Know more about what’s going on in your industry with these tools.


Great for comprehensive market intelligence.

SimilarWeb analyzes over 5 billion events every single day (I didn’t even realize there were that many events in the first place)! It then categorizes that data so you can easily find and use it.

Their free plan offers you five results per metric, along with access to a month of mobile app data and three months of web traffic data.


Great for getting the latest information on relevant companies.

Easyleadz uses an AI assistant to research companies and find relevant people. By setting it up once, it’ll then get to work finding companies that match the criteria you set.

Email Templates Software

Even the most experienced writer can’t help feeling a slight anxiety when they’re faced with a blank page. Templates can be an invaluable resource for getting from nothing to a well-structured email in less time.

Gorgias Templates

Great for creating templates with custom variables.

Gorgias is a customer support helpdesk, specially designed for Shopify stores. However, they’ve also released a neat little extension for Chrome that lets you create text templates, which you can then easily insert with a shortcut.

Importantly, you can include custom variables (such as the recipient’s first name) to personalize your message. It’s compatible with Gmail, Inbox, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn, and, so if you’re regularly sending similar messages on those platforms it’s worth a look.

Our sales team says: “Helps to speed up writing emails in Gmail/Google Apps.”

Templates for Gmail

Great for creating simple templates in Gmail.

The appropriately named Templates for Gmail is a simple extension that lets you create and customize templates within your inbox.

It lacks Gorgias’ ability to use variables, but for a simple, free solution it’s hard to go wrong with this.

Email Tracking Software

If you’re just sending your emails out normally, you might be missing out on vital information. Has your prospect received the email? Have they opened it? Have they clicked on any of the links? This information is important if you want to know whether a prospect is interested or not, as well as whether that email is even being delivered in the first place.


Great for knowing when a contact opens or clicks your email.

Bananatag sends notifications to your Gmail whenever a contact opens your email or clicks a link, so you know if they’re ignoring you or not. Don’t worry about your email looking suspicious either; emails tracked with Bananatag arrive from your email address and look no different to your prospects.

They offer a free plan that lets you track 5 emails per day, with basic notifications and limited metrics.


Great for including a personalized email signature.

Mailcastr includes a web dashboard to help you keep track of your emails. Similar to Bananatag, you can track 150 emails/month on the free plan, but as an added bonus you can create a personalized email signature.

Super Inbox

Great for multiple accounts.

Super Inbox is a browser extension that allows you track email open and click rates. They share many of the features of the others but also include email sharing and multiple accounts to make your life easier.


Great for tracking your email attachments and links.

Docsify is a free email tracking extension for Gmail/Gsuite.

Similar to Bananatag, it notifies you when recipients open your emails and click links but also provides advanced attachment tracking capabilities, including insights on how much time a recipient has spent on each page of the PDF and page-by-page analytics for each document view.

Time Zone Converters

Thanks to a little thing called the internet, most sales teams are dealing with prospects from potentially anywhere in the world. Which is great, until you realize that you just called them at 3 am. Find out what the time is where your prospects are with these tools.


Great for simple in-browser timezone conversions.

MyTimeZone is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to check different time zones on whatever webpage you want.

Once the extension is installed, simply highlight any time and right click to use the extension, and see what the time is when converted to your timezone. No hassle at all.


Great for a custom world-clock.

If you find you’re regularly dealing with specific time-zones, you can set up your own world-clock with Timee.

Add locations with a click to see the time anywhere in the world for multiple locations. You can also use it to create events and plan meetings, to make sure everyone turns up at the right time.


Even if you’re already using a nifty timezone calculator, scheduling meetings is one of the biggest headaches in the history of sales, usually involving half a dozen emails back and forth. It’s frustrating, and you may even lose customers. Avoid the pain and use one of these tools.


Great for scheduling your calls like a pro.

One of the most well-known scheduling tools, Calendly leads the way in booking meetings.

Just let Calendly know your availability preferences, then you can share your Calendly link with prospects. They pick an available time and Calendly will let you know and add the event to your calendar, and it’ll do the work for you.


Great for unlimited meeting types.

While Calendly may be more well known, its free version is not without limitations. One of these is the limit of one type of event. If you want people to have the choice between multiple durations, check out Appointlet.

Their free plan includes unlimited bookings, unlimited meeting types, the ability to add your own brand logo and much more.

Meeting and Conference Calls

Whether you want to jump on a call with your prospects or touch base with the rest of your team, the right software can mean the difference between a frustrating call and closing the deal.


Great for demos and presentations.

UberConference provides everything you need for effective meetings, without having to download additional software.

The free version lets you invite up to 10 participants, and includes unlimited conferences, screen sharing, document sharing and call recording in HD quality.


Great for when you need to invite more participants.

If you’re a bit more popular and need more participants at your next conference, take a look at Zoom. Their free package offers unlimited meetings for up to 100 participants, all in glorious HD.

Just be aware of the 40 minute limit on group meetings, unless you don’t mind being cut off mid-sentence when you’re trying to close the sale.

Conversation Intelligence

So what the heck is Conversation Intelligence when it’s at home? Well, advances in AI voice recognition have opened up a whole new kind of tool…


Great for taking notes during meetings.

Meet Eva, your new AI assistant, courtesy of Voicera. While she’s rubbish at making coffee and telling people you’re not in the office, she’s a star when it comes to meetings. She’ll take notes for you and highlight what she thinks was important, even if you’re not there.

The free package includes up to 150 minutes of transcription and predictive highlights, although Eva will only show up for the first 25 minutes of any meeting before going on strike.

Document Tracking and Proposals

If you’re expecting your prospects to print out your contracts, sign them, scan them, then send them back to you, don’t expect them in a hurry. It’s time-consuming and your prospects will be only too happy to put the job off. Save them the trouble and be an e-signature superstar with these apps.


Great for collecting e-signatures.

HelloSign is the industry standard for collecting e-signatures. If you need a contract or an NDA signed, this should be the first app you check out. They’ve ensured that documents signed are secure and legally binding, complete with an audit trail, so you won’t lose any sleep.


Great for unlimited signing.

SignRequest also offers legally binding e-signatures, with an exceedingly generous free version, allowing users to sign an unlimited number of documents. You can’t send unlimited documents though or save templates, both of which are features in the paid version.


Best for creating your own eSignature.

CreateMySignature is completely free software that allows you to draw your own digital signature to upload to any PDF that needs a signature. You can create your signature on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. CreateMySignature is also legal and secure so your signature is safe.


If you’re making presentations, then it’s important they look professional, even if you are working on a tight budget. Use this tool to give your sales presentation the shine it needs.

Great for creating beautiful presentations. boasts an impressive range of features, with automatic design and animation as standard. It’ll also update your slides as you add content, so you don’t have to worry about formatting errors. It comes with over 50 templates, a free image library, collaboration tools along with options to export to PDF/PPT. Best of all this is a fully-featured product, with no limitations—there’s currently no ‘pro’ version to upgrade to.

Sales Analytics and Forecasting

Would you like to know the future? We can’t help you with next weeks lottery numbers or who’s going to win the Super Bowl, but your sales are a different story. You might think sales analytics and forecasting is reserved for the big boys with the big budgets, but this software will give you powerful forecasting for free.

Perfect Pipeline

Great for identifying your next opportunity.

Perfect Pipeline offers users a predictive forecast engine. It works by automatically scoring and identifying opportunities at the right time for you, letting you know which deals look good (and which ones are a risk).

Their personal plan offers a single user a daily pipeline report, with weekly predictions for up to 25 open opportunities.

Knowledge Sharing

What’s your refund policy? What about your onboarding procedure? Who makes the coffee in the mornings? Unless your sales team is just you, you’ll soon need a way to share information around. Here’s our favorite app to do just that.


Great for focused team communication.

Tipi promotes the idea of asynchronous team communication, with the idea of focused, constructive conversations instead of distracted chats.

It allows everyone to respond in their own time, giving them the opportunity and space to express more meaningful ideas. Their free plan allows for unlimited users, unlimited notes and an unlimited number of folders.

Our sales team says: “Use it for creating your internal help docs and knowledge base management. We keep all our answers to frequently asked questions like “what’s your pricing”, “how does it work”, “how is it different from your competitors” etc. in Tipi.”


It’s common sense; The more productive you are as a salesperson, the more you’ll sell. While not specifically sales tools, these apps will help you stay on top of your work and get more done.


Great for tracking your time.

Clockify claims to be the only ‘truly free’ time tracker for teams. For a free tool, it packs a powerful punch. It works well as a simple time tracker, but includes useful features for multiple users, allowing you to see activity across the team.


Great for notes, plans and memos of any kind.

Evernote is synonymous with note-taking and is used by 225 million people worldwide. The basic package gives you the ability to take and store notes, to clip anything from the web for future reference, and to share them with others.

Alternatively, try Simplenote (a light alternative to Evernote) or Zenpen (a minimalist text editor).

Google Sheets

Great for organizing your data.

Sometimes you need to keep track of data, without anything like a CRM or any complicated features. When you do,

Our sales team says: “Super useful for structuring information and keeping it close and neat.”

Psst! If you use Google Sheets regularly, check out Remove Duplicates, a handy add-on for sorting your data. Our sales team says: “A nice add-on for Google Sheets; it’s free for one month, then one action per day is free.”


Great for keeping track of your tabs.

At any given moment, I’ll have approximately eleven billion tabs open in my browser. Toby is on a mission to change all that. The app (with the tagline ‘Better Than Bookmarks’) consolidates information into collections, making it easier to keep ‘tabs’ (pun intended) on your resources.

Integrations and Workflows

There are so many great tools out there. The trouble is the more apps you have in your sales stack, the more time you spend jumping from one app to another, copying and pasting the data you need. Save time and stop mistakes by getting your software to talk to each other.


Great for easily connecting your apps.

Zapier makes it easy to automate your workflows, moving information between your apps for you. They connect thousands of different apps and add new ‘zaps’ every week. It’s incredibly easy to use, with no coding knowledge required.
Our sales team says: “100% useful platform.”


Great for cleaning up your customer’s data.

Data is important for any company, and Segment offers a solution for looking after your analytics information. You can use it to unify analytics events from mobile apps, websites, and APIs, giving you a comprehensive view of your data.

Their free package includes 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) from up to two sources and to unlimited destinations

Ebooks and Email Templates

To stay on top of your sales, you need to stay up-to-date on the industry and the latest strategies. One of my favorite ways to do this is by reading. However, with the thousands of ebooks on the internet, where do you start? Luckily for you, here’s three we recommend.

The Comprehensive Guide on How to Nail Cold Email

Great for getting started with cold email.

Want to nail down the basics of cold email? Reply’s first ebook will help you with the information you need to get started. It walks you through building a prospect list, writing the perfect email and setting up your first campaign. There’s also seven templates you can start using right away.

How To Get Your Cold Emails Noticed, Read & Replied To [Whitepaper]

Great for getting better results with cold email.

If, after reading the first ebook, you feel like you want a deeper knowledge of how cold emails work, then this whitepaper should do the job.
You’ll find out more about why and how cold emails work, principles for better results, avoiding spam filters, best subject line practice and how to run a campaign like a pro. You’ll also get 14 templates, so you’ll never be left with nothing to say.

SaaS Sales for Startup Founders

Great for an A-Z of SaaS sales.

Steli Efti’s book on SaaS sales is a great read, and would be worth buying if you couldn’t get it for free.
This 160 page ebook covers everything you could possibly want to know when it comes to SaaS, from the basics of finding your customers to hiring reps and optimizing your demos/trials.

Sales Podcasts

Rather than listening to tired DJs or the same tunes on repeat, why not make your car journeys a more productive experience. Listen to these podcasts and learn on the go.

The Sales Podcast

Great for non-nonsense sales tips.

With a name like ‘The Sales Podcast,’ it shouldn’t come as a surprise this is a great resource for sales professionals.
Listen to interviews with successful salespeople and steal a trick or two to grow your own sales.ds

The Sales Hacker Podcast

Great for tips you can use immediately.

Sales Hacker has become one of the leading communities for sales, providing webinars, training, and conferences to help salespeople improve.
They cover the latest sales tips, tactics and strategies from the people who actually use them. No matter what your experience level is, you’ll find something to useful here.

B2B Growth

Great for daily lessons in B2B.

If you need a daily dose of goodness, then check out B2B Growth.

Each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing executive or thought leader, giving you the best advice and resources. With over 800 episodes, you can be sure whatever you’re facing, they’ve got it covered.

Other Tools

Finally, here are the other tools that refused to fit in any of our other categories. That doesn’t mean they’re any less important though. These are all apps we regularly use at Reply to make sure our sales team has everything they need to do the best job possible.


Great for writing text, emails, or anything else.

Everything we write goes through a Grammarly check (so you can blame them for any mistakes you find). As I’m writing this, I’ve just been informed the Chrome extension for Google Docs is now in Beta, which makes an already valuable tool even more valuable. It’s not perfect, but it’s useful for catching any embarrassing errors that might sneak past your default spell check.

Hemingway App

Great for improving the readability of your sales message.

While it currently doesn’t have a Chrome extension, the free browser app will help make your writing clearer, something essential for all sales.

Our sales team says: “A nice editor with an advisory option if you’re writing something important.”

Google Assistant

Great for getting answers.

What did we do before Google? How did we cope? Now, with the Google Assistant, we don’t even have to type our questions. Instead, we can simply ask our questions and Google will let us know.

Our sales team says: “Great for quick questions (like “what time is now in %CountryName%).”


Great for healthy sleep.

Technology is great. I love it. But it turns out staring at screens all day may not be so great for us. Especially late at night, the glare of the laptop screen can mess with your sleep patterns. I take anything that messes with my sleep seriously, which is why I use Flux to filter out the blue light when it gets dark outside.

Our sales team says: “Helps avoid sleeping issues if you need to work late hours.”

Not that we overwork our sales team or anything, honest 😉

There you go, 57 tools that can help you get started and level up your sales game. If you’ve found it helpful, please share it with your friends. Are there any gems we’ve missed? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.