Reply Updates: Accounts, LinkedIn Analytics, and More Sequence Improvements

Reply Updates: Accounts, LinkedIn Analytics, and More Sequence Improvements

Summer at Reply has always been busy. This year is no different, despite the fact that our cities are getting bombed and many of us have been forced to leave their homes (yes, the war is still ongoing and Ukraine still needs your support).

But we stand strong and keep working ????

Considered a slow season for sales, summer is also a perfect time to introduce new features for our customers to play around with and make more improvements to help them close the year strong.

So, here’s a new batch of Reply updates to freshen up your summer.

Accounts MVP (Beta)

Account-based selling is something we’ve always been very passionate about. That is why one of the top recommendations for our prospects getting started with outreach was to build laser-focused, hyper-personalized campaigns. That said, we couldn’t be more excited about the feature that has finally arrived in Beta.

Ladies and gentlemen (drumroll, please), we introduce Accounts in Reply ⚡️

Let’s break it down in more detail.

An account is an entity that groups contacts belonging to one specific company or organization. Simply put, it can be companies like Reply or Salesforce that have multiple contacts associated with them. This makes it easy to access all the information about the company and all related contacts so that you can choose the right person to reach out to.

To enable Accounts in Reply, go to People → Accounts tab and click the Enable accounts button. You will see a popup informing you that the migration of accounts data has begun. Once the migration is complete, the list of created accounts will appear in the Accounts tab. Read more here.

The Accounts tab in Reply allows you to view and manage your existing accounts, quickly create new ones, and add more contacts to those accounts.

To create a new account in Reply manually, simply fill out the Account field in the contact’s profile when adding a contact to your list. An account with the specified name will be created automatically based on the Company field and all contacts with the same account name will be assigned to this account as well.

You can also import multiple accounts at once from a CSV file. Email and data capture on LinkedIn for contacts supports Accounts as well. The corresponding Account will be created when you save the contacts to Reply from the Chrome extension. 

For a more in-depth overview of the Accounts page, see this article.

All in all, we hope that Accounts functionality will be particularly helpful to sales development teams focused on account-based selling approach in outreach and engagement. Down the road, this will allow us to provide visibility into accounts and implement account-based analytics for our customers. So, if you’re one of the lucky Reply Beta users, make sure to take Accounts for a spin!

LinkedIn dashboard (Beta)

Since we added Automatic LinkedIn steps in Reply almost two months ago, it’s been super-exciting to see so many of you putting it to the test. To make this feature even more useful and help you track and analyze your performance, we’re introducing the LinkedIn dashboard.

The LinkedIn dashboard in Reply is a comprehensive reporting panel that allows you to get a bird’s-eye view of the key LinkedIn metrics, analyze your performance, and improve your outreach strategy accordingly.

The dashboard includes the following metrics:

  • Total number of contacts engaged in any way via LinkedIn
  • Number of connection requests sent 
  • Number of messages sent (both manual and automatic). 

Replies from LinkedIn, profile view, and post likes also available for analysis.

Using the dashboard, you can view each metric in a chart as well as select or deselect specific metrics you want to focus or compare 2-3 metrics at a time using the legend at the bottom and dashboard.

All the standard features of Reply analytics like quick filters by team member, sequence, email account and advanced filtering are here to help get the most out of LinkedIn automation for Reply customers.

Useful extra: LinkedIn logs in Sequence

To make it easier to troubleshoot any issues with automated LinkedIn steps, all of the errors from LinkedIn are now shown in Sequence logs. Both the users and Reply support agents can quickly spot problems and solve them, ensuring that the sequence processing is stable.

Advanced filters in Calls, Tasks, Team Performance dashboards 

We know how important it is to have a reliable source of insights on your sequence performance. That is why we are constantly looking for ways to make our analytics even more powerful while keeping the dashboards intuitive and flexible.

With this update, we’re introducing advanced filters in Reports for Calls, Tasks, Team Performance dashboards.

This provides a powerful ability to slice and dice the data in your dashboards based on more than 20 parameters like contact fields, sequence step, email accounts, industries, and many more.

To apply smart filters on any of the listed dashboards, follow these steps:

  1. Click the filters icon in the upper right corner to open the smart filters panel.
  2. Select the required filters and fill in the search criteria.
  3. Click the Apply button. Report statistics will change according to the set filters.

Meetings Booked in Email report (Beta)

Another important update to the Reports in Reply is the introduced ability to track meetings booked directly in the main Email Dashboard. This will help SDRs and Sales leaders better understand the outcomes of their outreach in one dashboard.

Previously, the user had to utilize two different dashboards to get the stats on replies to the sequences and meetings booked. Now, all outreach results can be easily viewed in one place.

The data in this dashboard represents both appointments made using Reply’s Meeting Booking feature as well as the ones you manually log.

To view analytics on booked meetings:

  1. Go to Reports → Team performance.
  2. The total number of booked meetings will be shown in the upper left corner. 
  3. Click on the number of meetings to view more details.

Read more about meetings booked stats here

Manually log a booked meeting (Beta)

Built-in meeting booking capabilities within Reply make the whole process effortless – from creating a link to keeping track of all the appointments right within your calendar. But what if your meeting was booked outside of the sequence?

To solve this problem and help customers track all of the booked meetings in one place, we’re happy to introduce the ability to manually log meetings booked outside of the platform, providing all the details so that your reports are complete.

New action is available both on the People page and in the Contact sidebar and can either attribute meetings to Reply sequence or log one-off events.

You can learn more about this functionality in this article.

Sync and Search from LinkedIn Recruiter

Designed primarily for SDRs, Reply serves recruiters as well, allowing them to source and connect with the best candidates at scale. And we’re fully aware of how important LinkedIn Recruiter integration we’ve implemented recently is in this case. That is why we’re expanding this functionality with the ability to sync and search contacts from the platform. 

Simply put, recruiters can search for emails in their saved Projects instead of making live search queries every time. As a result, they can save the most interesting candidates first and then initiate the global search.

This will improve the user experience for recruiters when searching for data on LinkedIn using the Reply Chrome extension.

More Sequence improvements

But there’s more to unwrap with this product release. The core of our platform, Sequences, is getting some useful updates as well. Here’s a quick overview of the most important changes.

  • Filter prospects by the current step

Being able to filter prospects by the step they are currently at in the sequence, you no longer have to go through the list manually. With this update, you can create simple filters in the People tab and quickly find out which contacts are at step 1, 2, 3, etc. Read more here.

  • Filter prospects by sending email account

Another useful filter we’ve added to the People tab will help you sort prospects by the sending email account. This will allow those who use multiple email accounts per sequence to understand which contacts are contacted from which email account, improving the overall user experience for such users. Here’s where to learn more.

  • Turn on/off token notification and select recipients

Token expiration is the number one reason why a sequence isn’t sending (addressed in one of our recent updates). Now, once your connection token has expired, Reply will notify you right away with a full explanation of the problem and how to fix it. However, in some cases, customers (e.g., agencies) might want to disable these notifications for specific users. With this release, we’re offering an option for more flexible notification management so you can turn on/off token notifications or choose specific accounts that will get notified.

  • Improved UX for Schedules in Sequence

When a sequence is out of the scheduling window (e.g., over the national/public holidays or because of differences with contact time zones), its status will be inactive and a warning banner explaining why it isn’t sending at the moment will be shown so the users can rest assured that everything is OK and the sending will resume automatically when the window is open. In some cases, this could also help users find out that their sending hours are not set correctly:

  • Manually change sending email in the sequence

Last but not least, Reply is offering more flexibility to customers to assign the sending email for some of the prospects if they either disagree with the automatic assignment or for some reason another SDR has to take over them and keep outreaching.

Wrapping up

Here you go! These are all Reply updates for now. But we have more exciting features in the works, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to try out these features and feel free to share your feedback or suggestions for the next releases.

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