{{Company}} x {{Your_Company}} ({{now_quarter}} reconnect?)
Hi {{FirstName}},

{{Your_Name}} from {{Your_Company}} here - [Your brief value proposition].

I’m writing to you because I noticed that you had been researching {{Your_Company}} for {{Company}}.

I’m not sure if your team has already adopted something for [Problem They Face], but how about a quick walk-through of how {{Your_Company}} can help [Problem You Solve].

Worth re-exploring how {{Your_Company}} can help your {{Department}} team have a great {{quarter_from_now 1}} {{now_year}}?

Either way, have a wonderful {{today}}
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Why it works

This email template is highly effective in its business goal of re-engaging with companies that have previously shown interest in your product but did not progress further. Its success lies in its personalized and relaxed approach, which fosters a genuine connection with the recipient. By acknowledging their previous research and expressing curiosity about their current solutions, the email shows attentiveness and a genuine interest in their specific pain points. The template's effectiveness is further enhanced by offering a quick walk-through of how your product can address their needs. By suggesting a discussion in the upcoming quarter, the email adds a sense of urgency and relevance, encouraging the recipient to take action. The friendly and warm closing note sets the tone for a genuine connection rather than a pushy sales pitch. This approach helps to build trust and encourages the recipient to engage in further conversation.

When to use it

This email template is suitable for re-engaging with companies that have previously shown interest in your product but did not proceed. It can be used when you want to initiate a friendly conversation about how your product can address their pain points in the upcoming quarter. It is particularly useful when you have new updates or improvements to share that could make your product an even better fit for their needs.

Who can use it

Professionals in sales or business development roles can utilize this template to reconnect with prospects who have shown previous interest. It is applicable across various industries and can be used to engage with decision-makers or relevant team members within the company. The template allows for a personalized approach based on the prospect's research, making it suitable for building relationships and exploring potential partnerships.

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